Terminal Phase-out Management Plan for CFCs

The objective of this project is to ensure timely, sustainable, cost-effective and accelerated CFC phase-out as stipulated by the Montreal Protocol through: establishing R/R schema, training of service technicians for good servicing practice and training of the customs officers.

The recovery and recycling scheme will enable Montenegro to maintain and service the CFC equipment, not yet decommissioned or retrofitted, after 1 January 2010.

Training of the service technicians (new and existing) foresees the introduction of a sustainable system of education in vocational secondary schools for service technicians; training of service technicians for good servicing practice; training on retrofit possibilities and the use of alternative refrigerants and handling of recovered refrigerants.

In order to detect ODS on the border, the ODS identification equipment will be distributed to the Customs Headquarters for all major entry points into the country.